Darklake Studios


Darklake Studios is a tiny company of friends dedicated to making short films in our spare time. Although we began making grand horror films many years ago, we’ve recently settled on comedy as our preferred genre, and while we don’t have budgets or professional equipment, our work is slowly starting to get recognised. Our passion for the medium recently landed us an award at a small film festival in our hometown judged by IMDb CEO Col Needham.

We’ve been making films for over 5 years now, and while we started out with a camera costing less than the average toaster the head start it gave us is really starting to pay off. Over the years we learnt about the horror of terrible lighting, and the disastrous effects of background noise, but most importantly we learnt that what we love most, is to make people laugh. We’re all huge film fans, and so when we come to create one we generally know exactly what techniques we’re going to use to make it visually interesting, as well as (hopefully) laugh out loud funny.

Above all are the stories we try to tell. We know that having thousands of pounds worth of equipment isn’t enough, and its the hours of preparation on things like scripts before you even think about touching your camera that count. Luckily we have a great set of friends who are ever-willing to join in and be part of the madness – a constant supply of acting talent certainly makes the process easier as our films continue to grow in scale and ambition.

We love making films, and we hope that you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoy making them.

So who are we? In no particular order…

Tom Walters (@tom_walters)

Tom Walters
His drive for perfection and knowledge of just what makes something funny often leads to long and tiresome days, but his eye for detail makes sure the films deliver the laughs while being visually excellent to watch. Tom handles most of the technical aspects of projects, from coordinating the editing, to making this very website, he’s making sure everything looks good and works great. There isn’t a day that goes by when Tom doesn’t crack a joke, and this is reflected in the scripts behind the films.

Joe Lynn (@joelynntw)

Joe Lynn
Joe’s love of cinema (both classic and modern), as well as a talent for story-telling ensures that the films produced are always of a certain finesse. His ability to visualise a story in it’s entirety often leads to a wonderfully cohesive storyline. On top of this Joe consistently produces in-depth character designs and is amazingly resourceful when it comes to getting things done.

Tony Lomax (@anthonylomax)

Anthony Lomax
Every film needs an actor, and Tony’s immense diversity as well as the patience he exhibits when being directed by the others often leads to an excellent delivery of lines in a way that often exceeds the requirements of the script to a wonderful end. His ability to objectively think about the films also means that he’s excellent at trimming the fat when it comes to overly-indulgent scenes – an absolute must in film-making.

Rob Wragg (@rob_wragg)

Rob Wragg
When writing scripts Rob’s often the first to want to know all about his character, planning in detail every aspect of the role he is to portray. His ability to form complex characters often leads to scarily realistic performances, and his work behind the camera also ensures that the stories are brought to life in exactly the way they’re envisioned.