Darklake Studios


In this fast-paced film our main character, Peter, becomes embroiled in a turbulent relationship with someone he has known for mere days. Although all the pieces are there for an idyllic couple, Peter's obsessive and reclusive personality inevitably lead to a harrowing conclusion - at which point the notion of love has been altered beyond all recognition.


Ah, tis the classic tale of love: meet a girl, fall in love.

Lucy was somewhat of an experiment, as our first emotional short we wanted to really shock the audience, and the combination of a killer storyline and excellent acting really do deliver a harrowing ending, and hopefully one that most people don't see coming.

The short timespan of this film also amplifies the emotions of our main character - in the space of a few minutes we witness the descent from the zenith to the nadir, and the effect on the audience is interesting. We go from sympathising with Peter to feeling awkward for him, and eventually we're left questioning how we ever felt sorry for him. For these reasons we're really happy with how it turned out.