Darklake Studios


When faced with killing an innocent man our unnamed lead is forced to decide whether he is more afraid of his criminal bosses, or of his conscience. This film explores the power of euphemism and implied danger, relying on only the dialog to suggest the true meaning of the exchange.


This short came about because we wanted to attempt to master the art of subtle dialogue. The best directors can hold the audience for 10 minutes if the dialogue is captivating, and although we don't profess to have created such a work, we think we made a good stab at it.

Here a mafia boss visits our lead, and dances round the issue of the loose end for quite some time, before we finally witness our main character crack under the pressure. We wanted to show that sometimes what scares us the most isn't a brutal display of authority, but a calm and reflective exchange from a dominating character.

Extreme close-ups and a lack of music helps bring to life the utter terror of this piece.