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When a brutal crime-scene is discovered in the heart of the hundred-acre wood, it's clear to police commissioner Christopher Robin, that the only man for the job is the loose-cannon of a man, Pooh (Winnie The). To keep him in check Tigger is assigned to keep watch. But soon the personalities clash and a thrilling tail ensues. Where is Eeyore? Who had a motive for his murder? And can Pooh overcome his crippling honey-addiction in time to piece together this horrific crime?


The general idea for a gritty-crime-based Winnie the Pooh had been in the works for years, just floating around with a few jokes here and there, but then in the middle of 2012 we decided the idea was worth exploring so we sat down to write a script. But it didn't go so well - without knowing the exact format we failed to settle on a cohesive idea and so production stopped before it had began! But luckily some months later we decided we could do it in the form of a trailer, and we haven't looked back since!

The characters are based upon classic stereotypes - Pooh is the rogue cop who has a temper, but gets the job done. Tigger is a fresh-faced agent who does it by the book, and Rabbit is just your every-day pimp. We really wanted to focus on perfecting the characters to match the genre, and using things like the cigar and honey addiction we managed to pull it off.

Although never explicitly mentioned (definitely not something we forgot...) the character at the beginning giving the speech at the police conference is commissioner Christopher Robin, and we used his colleague Johnson as a soundboard for dramatic jokes to help move the story on, and he wouldn't be much of a policeman if he couldn't shout at a guy called Johnson now would he?!

Overall we're really happy with how it turned out. It was incredibly fun to make and put together, and the genre is definitely something we're likely to return to in the future.