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Have a taster…

6th Apr
dee and me

So I have been indulging in a solo project recently in following the amazing singer/songwriter Dee Plume (formerly of Robots in Disguise)  as she starts getting her solo career off the ground and first bout of singles out for release.

I am back from London for a brief while and have began editing with the technically gifted side of Darklake, Tom Walters. I am happy to say that it is looking great and the short documentary ‘Psycho Delia’ will be out soon…

In the mean time here is a teaser trailer to show you a small bit of what to expect. Cheers, Joe.


A Documentary

25th Mar

It’s been some time since the entire crew has been on a film-set together, but we’re busy planning our next project and working hard to make it even better than our last!

Having said that I’m incredibly happy to announce that Rob has just finished work on a documentary about us – having followed all the action when we created The Good, the Bad, and the Ordinary and with access to some hilarious archive footage, he’s put together a whirlwind tour of just how we crank out our films!

The documentary is a great insight into our process, and should be interesting to student film-makers, friends, and followers alike.

So, enough waffle from me, go ahead and check it out!

Darklake Studios (A Documentary) – Vimeo.


Old Articles and New Work

31st Jan

Well it has been quite quiet recently due to everyone settling into the new year and re-adjusting but I am happy to share that by the end of this month we will have some new material to post. Tom and I are undergoing an interview which will reveal all about how we started making films and specifically how we made our last piece; this interview will include clips from a ‘making of’ film which will be ready in full by the end of February.

Looking forward a little further, we have made a good start on finalising the script for our next film. More news on that soon.

In the meantime I’ve dug up a few older articles all about last years Screen Stockport Film Festival and how our film ‘Winnie the Pooh’ won. Links for those below:

Manchester Evening News Article

College Council Article

Our Former College Newsletter


Brand New Interview

11th Jan

I recently finished another interview with studentfilmmakers.com about the release of our latest film, the screening we held and what we have lined up for 2013. Looks to be a very promising and exciting year for us so keep checking for updates. But in the mean time here is the interview.


Film Screening

9th Jan

The Glass UmbrellaAs Tom mentioned, last week saw the end of another film and the beginning of a new year! Happy New Year to all and to celebrate we hosted our own small premiere screening at venue called The Glass Umbrella for our most recent film:‘The Good, The Bad and the Ordinary’. The family who own the shop are also those who run the Screen Stockport Film Festival and host The Teenage Market throughout the year. The film was received beyond expectation with all people in the place laughing hysterically.

Check out this article covering the event written by Joe Barratt and photographed by Kyle McGurk can be found.


That’s a wrap!

5th Jan

This week marks the completion of our latest project – The Good, the Bad, and the Ordinary – a film about a man who has to live with his conscience! We had a great time making it and we’re really happy with the result.

To mark the end of filming we were delighted to screen the film at The Glass Umbrella in Stockport – a wonderful location where we were able to provide a personal thank-you to everyone involved with the film.

And that’s it for now! We’ll soon be beginning work on our next epic (more on that in the coming months).

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out the film!

(Some great photos to follow by the excellent Kyle McGurk)


First Day..

15th Dec

Been warned to make my presence known so thought i’d start with something simple. We started some of the main work on our next project today, sorting out character design and finalising some more details. This is one of the best parts of a new project, waiting for the actually filming to be begin!

This next piece is comparatively smaller than ‘Winnie the Pooh’ but still contains a lot of scope and a lot of effort. We’ll get started this week and hopefully have it finalised in the new year, watch this space..


Online Interview

3rd Dec

The other day the head of studentfilmmakers.com contacted me after they had seen our work. They wanted to do a small online interview regarding the process of making our most recent film ‘Winnie The Pooh’  and the short film festival screen stockport of which it went on to win in the student film category. They are the #1 Educational Resource for student film and video makers, so go check them out and if you’re wanting ot read my interview with them about our work here it is: Interview



Pre-Production has begun!

18th Nov

So after the relatively huge  success and 100% positive feedback from our last film ‘Winnie the Pooh’ we were anxious to get started on our next project. I’m happy to say that the next film, currently under the working title of ‘Torn’, is in pre-production and we start initial photography mid December and shooting immediately after. We hope the concept is as universally recognised as something like Winnie the Pooh and we plan to include all the aspects that made it popular whilst also improving on it with complete originality. This time round the music will be all un-copyrighted so we can let this film get further festival wise.

We will constantly update the website with photos of the shoot through to the editing stage so you can track our progress through to its end. We also have our good friend Robert Wragg (another budding filmmaker) following us around for the entirerty of the shoot in aims to make a short documentray about the making of this film specifically, and how Darklake Studios works as a whole. We are very excited to get started so watch this space.



10th Nov

Quite a while back during the promotional attempts from myself I managed to get a member of the BBC to recognise our film. Just a little tweet but it goes a long way:

‘Great work, especially the unflinching expose of honey addiction ;-)’

this was a comment made by twitter’s bbccomedy which I am sure needs no introduction (despite the one I just gave)



We won!

4th Nov
Collecting our Award at Screen Stockport

So it’s been some time since the Screen Stockport film festival, but I’m incredibly happy to announce that our Winnie the Pooh Trailer won the student film category! Everyone was really pleased with the result, and the judges said they really thought we’d nailed the style.

The audience also loved the film, and we loved seeing hundreds of people laughing at all the work we put into the project.

So up next, the Oscars.


Screen Stockport

18th Oct
Screen Stockport

I’m very excited to announce that our latest production Winnie the Pooh has been shortlisted for screening at a local cinema! The kind folks over at Screen Stockport were delighted to inform us that we’re in the running for the student film competition, and as a result we’ll have our film shown on the big screen!

I know everyone here is excited to descend on Stockport tomorrow to see ourselves blown up to 20 feet in front of a real, live audience. We’re really grateful to have been picked, and I for one care more about getting an audience’s reaction to the trailer than actually winning anything.

Aside from getting our film shown, we also get a talk from, and lunch with IMDb CEO Col Needham! So Friday is set to be a productive day.

The Darklake Studios crew is assembling from all four corners of the Earth, or rather the UK, to be reunited for our first big event, lets hope it all goes to plan!



18th Oct

It’s been many years since a blog from Darklake Studios was updated – 5 in-fact! So I’d like to personally welcome you to the brand new home of our little corner of the web. We’ll use the blog to mainly record progress on all our projects – from idea to the final cut we’ll post our thoughts, hopes, and maybe the odd picture or two!

Hopefully it’ll flourish into an exciting archive of work, and provide some helpful tips to other filmmakers.