Darklake Studios

Pre-Production has begun!

18th Nov

So after the relatively huge  success and 100% positive feedback from our last film ‘Winnie the Pooh’ we were anxious to get started on our next project. I’m happy to say that the next film, currently under the working title of ‘Torn’, is in pre-production and we start initial photography mid December and shooting immediately after. We hope the concept is as universally recognised as something like Winnie the Pooh and we plan to include all the aspects that made it popular whilst also improving on it with complete originality. This time round the music will be all un-copyrighted so we can let this film get further festival wise.

We will constantly update the website with photos of the shoot through to the editing stage so you can track our progress through to its end. We also have our good friend Robert Wragg (another budding filmmaker) following us around for the entirerty of the shoot in aims to make a short documentray about the making of this film specifically, and how Darklake Studios works as a whole. We are very excited to get started so watch this space.


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