Darklake Studios

Screen Stockport

18th Oct
Screen Stockport

I’m very excited to announce that our latest production Winnie the Pooh has been shortlisted for screening at a local cinema! The kind folks over at Screen Stockport were delighted to inform us that we’re in the running for the student film competition, and as a result we’ll have our film shown on the big screen!

I know everyone here is excited to descend on Stockport tomorrow to see ourselves blown up to 20 feet in front of a real, live audience. We’re really grateful to have been picked, and I for one care more about getting an audience’s reaction to the trailer than actually winning anything.

Aside from getting our film shown, we also get a talk from, and lunch with IMDb CEO Col Needham! So Friday is set to be a productive day.

The Darklake Studios crew is assembling from all four corners of the Earth, or rather the UK, to be reunited for our first big event, lets hope it all goes to plan!


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